Every Major College Football School’s Greatest NFL Player of All-Time


The list of team’s will be ordered by those

with the most wins in college football history.

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Michigan: Tom Brady

After entering the NFL as a chubby sixth-round pick out of Michigan, Brady was to eventually transform into front-­page fodder for both the sporting and celebrity gossip magazines alike. By 38, Brady has already taken home four Lombardi trophies and three Super Bowl MVP awards. As an icon, he has combined Joe Montana’s winning gamesmanship alongside the playboy lifestyle of “Broadway” Joe Namath. In addition to the comparisons to Montana’s legacy, any mention of Brady among the all-­time greats is inevitably benchmarked against the here-and-now career of rival Peyton Manning.

At this point, Brady and his four Super Bowl rings hold the edge over Manning and his lone championship. Statistically, Brady has been equally as impressive as any quarterback to ever play professional football. In 2007, he teamed up with Randy Moss and Wes Welker to put together one of the most impressive displays of offensive firepower in NFL history. Brady closed out that undefeated regular season having thrown for 4,806 yards and a then-record 50 touchdowns after completing 68.9% of his passes. The 2007 run, however, ended with a Super Bowl loss, an 18-­1 record, and a disheveled Brady throwing a tantrum. Still, anyone who says this man is not a top 10 player in NFL history is just straight up delusional.

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Notre Dame: Joe Montana

Montana was not your prototypical quarterback. He never had the arm of an Elway, the size of a Marino, or the athleticism of a Steve Young, but he made up for it by having ice water for veins and killing defenses with deadly precision and accuracy. His regular season statistics are more than adequate to be considered great even among the best to have ever played, but it was his legendary post season play that made him the greatest quarterback of the Superbowl era. Four Super Bowl Appearances, four Super Bowl victories, three MVPs, 11 touchdowns passes. It’s hard to argue with that in the big game. His 1988 and 1989 post seasons are two of the greatest playoff performances of all time. He also beat out John Elway and Dan Marino in two of those games.  

Montana mastered the West Coast offense, earning 40,551 career passing yards. He was one half of the iconic reception that was so amazing it simply became known as ‘The Catch.’ Across 15 seasons he was the picture of consistency, constantly rising to any occasion and claiming victory as his own, and being the best at the most important time. Montana, without question, was the most calm and quarterback to ever play, unflappable when the big play was needed to be made and victory was within reach. Joe Cool may not have been as naturally talented as many of the other guys on this list but considering his name is nearly synonymous with Superbowl he’s gotta be considered the best quarterback of all-time. Though, if Tom Brady keeps at it for a few more seasons and gets one more ring, I might just change my mind.