Ranking Every Heisman Trophy Winner of All-Time as NFL Players


C9EYTW Dec. 10, 2011 - New York, NY, USA - The Heisman Trophy is on display onstage after quarterback Robert Griffin III of Baylor University holds a press conference after winning the award at The New York Marriott Marquis. (Credit Image: © Mark Makela/

There has been a rather disappointing history of college to the pros in terms of efficiency and overall impact for players who dominated college football and won the Heisman – then came to the pros. Sure, they all had great college careers, but for many of them – that wasn’t the case for the NFL as they either never really got it going, never really got the opportunity to get it going, or just straight up never even played on the next level. Nevertheless, we counted down and ranked every single Heisman winner’s NFL career (the award began in 1964) from best to worst, hope you enjoy!

Players who didn’t qualify:

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Charlie Ward, Florida State

As I am sure many of you already knew, Charlie Ward never played a single down in the NFL. But the unique thing about Ward wasn’t the fact that he didn’t have the skill to play in the NFL – rather, it was because NFL teams feared he was going to try to play in the NBA or possibly go to the CFL. This led him to going undrafted in 1994 and when he did, the Knicks scooped him up in the first round of the 1994 NBA Draft. He played in the NBA for 11 seasons.


Jason White, Oklahoma

Jason White was not drafted in the 2005 NFL Draft and embarrassingly didn’t even receive a single tryout before the draft. The Titans signed him as an un-drafted free agent but due to weak knees he quit and took up coaching.

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Gary Beban, UCLA

Gary Beban had the unfortunate luck of being benched behind future Hall of Famer Sonny Jurgensen in 1968 and 1969 while playing with the Redskins. The reason he falls under this list of not qualified is because Beban threw for exactly 0 passes for exactly 0 yards and exactly 0 touchdowns. He quit the NFL after warming the bench for 5 games.


Eric Crouch, Nebraska

One of my favorite college football players of all-time, Eric Crouch was drafted by the Rams to be a wide receiver but he still wanted to play quarterback. Crouch never played a snap in the NFL regular season and was cut from every team that even took a shot on him. Too damn bad.