Ranking the 13 NBA Players Who Won Multiple MVP Awards


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13. Stephen Curry

2 MVP Awards (’15, ’16)

Stephen Curry is one of the best shooters the game of basketball has ever seen and he is quickly taking the title for #1. A lightning quick release to go with flashy handles is a deadly combination leading the Warriors to their first title in 40 years. Curry out-dueled James Harden on the way to his first MVP award and led the Warriors to one of the most dominant seasons in league history, winning 83 games (regular season + playoffs), the third most of all time. After consistent ankle injuries during his earlier seasons, the Warriors and Curry worked hard to find a way to leave those demons in the past and they have been rewarded splendidly.

Stephen Curry is still all of 27 years old, so he is just entering his prime, meaning we have a LOT of amazing basketball to look forward to from the baby-faced assassin. This may still be LeBron’s league, but Steph is coming to get his and already proved he is an elite talent by winning a ring and won back-to-back MVP’s. While some cite the Warriors triumph over the Cavs in the 2015 Finals as the dethroning of the King, it is important to remember that injuries had left the Cavs merely a shell of what they had evolved into over the course of the season and then they got the best of them the next season but you get my point. Look for Steph to climb up the list of all-time greats, he is on a different level. It’s a truly remarkable thing to watch.