The Best NBA Point Guard From Every Draft Class of the Last 20 Years



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Damon Stoudamire

Original Draft Pick: 7th overall

Damon Stoudamire had his most successful individual statistical seasons in his first three seasons in the NBA with the Toronto Raptors as he became one of the league’s best young point guards right off the bat. He averaged a more than impressive 19/8 with the Raptors up North but found himself in Portland just three seasons into his career. His 8 seasons with the “Jailblazers” is where most of the national media and fans around the league all remember Damon nowadays – at least I know I do. With Portland, beyond the team success, he still did his part individually as he averaged around 13/7 and was part of some of the greatest teams in recent NBA history that didn’t win a title. Does anyone else still wish he and those Blazers team beat the Lakers, or is just me? Gotta love Mighty Mouse, he was just one of those guys you always rooted for, whether or not you liked the team he was on.