The Worst Starting Quarterback in Every NFL Franchise’s History



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Arizona Cardinals

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Rusty Lisch

The history of the Arizona Cardinals goes back to the city of St. Louis, so we take it back to 80’s where a man with the name of Rusty Lisch played QB for the team. Lisch only threw a recorded 115 official pass attempts. Just one of those resulted in a touchdown, and Lisch matched that one touchdown with a pathetic 11 interceptions. Expectedly, Lisch, a fourth-round pick in the 1980 NFL Draft, never won a single game in the NFL before he made his unceremonious exit from the league. You know how some teams will occasionally “accidentally” lose games in hopes of obtaining the #1 overall draft pick the year? Well, Lisch was your guy… because he didn’t even have to give the game away, he would just lose on his own. 

Runner up: Stan Gelbaugh