Top 10 Greatest Post 40-year-old Athlete Accomplishments


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10. Randy Couture

The UFC is not a sport for the faint of heart. The ultra intensive training and grueling physical punishment that these competitors have to endure while preparing for and then fighting in the octagon is unlike any other sport in the mainstream. The potential for serious and permanent injury is absurdly high so any vulnerability that a fighter may have is frighteningly dangerous. Age could be seen as an obvious vulnerability, but not for Randy Couture who was competing in mixed martial arts main events into his late 40’s, maintaining the strength, stamina and quickness that MMA requires. In perhaps the UFC’s most inspirational performance, Couture came out of retirement at the age of 43 to defeat Tim Sylvia via unanimous decision to win the UFC Heavyweight Championship. Afterwards, the dictionary changed the definition of bad ass and put Couture’s picture next to it. Ok maybe not, but they should have.