Top 10 Greatest NBA Arenas



10. Palace of Auburn Hills

Detroit Pistons

DEEETRRROIIIT BASSKETBALLL. Aww yes, the Palace of Auburn Hills. While its construction marked the beginning of NBA super-arenas, it was done in such a quirky, charming way that it’s hard not to look at The Palace of Auburn Hills with a bit of endearment. What makes The Palace so great, besides the fact that the team had a big enough opinion of the place to call it a palace, is that it’s big in a way that no other arena is big. Whereas most arenas build upward so that fans at the top don’t get terrible views, The Palace is built more outward so that the lower bowl is absolutely enormous. The Palace isn’t the most fan friendly, it’s in a terrible location, there’s not a huge selection of food, but it’s an embodiment of Detroit despite being located a half hour outside of the city. Gotta put this arena in the top 10, no doubt in my mind.