Top 10 Greatest Players to Wear #33 in NBA History


*Player must have worn #33 at least 4 seasons to qualify*

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10. Danny Granger

Yet another tragic case of injuries derailing a successful career, prior to suffering Patellar Tendinosis Granger was one of the rising stars of the NBA, averaging 25.8 points per game during the 2008-2009 season, and 24.1 points the season after. However, following the injury, Granger is now a shell of his former self, and has played meagre minutes since returning midway during the 2013-2014 season on random teams as a irrelevant role player. It is interesting to think where Granger would be on this list had he not been injured – would he have built on his one All-Star appearance in 2009? As it is, Granger is docked in terms of longevity – he gave a great amount of production to Indiana, although not over a long enough period to be ranked any higher. Unfortunately Danny Granger is another tale of what could have been. Still nice to see him eligible for some awesome lists like this one. Let’s not forget how good this dude was during his peak!