Top 10 Longest Active Team Trophy Droughts in American Sports


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10. Texas Rangers

55 years

Established in 1961, the Texas Rangers have unfortunately never won it all. For a long time it looked like a lost cause, but they have improved in recent times. They have won six West Division titles, and believe it or not, all of those have come since 1996. In 2010, the Rangers won their first ever American League pennant after defeating the Yankees in six games. They then fell to the San Francisco Giants in their first World Series, and they would make it back to the big stage once again the following season where they agonizingly lost to the St. Louis Cardinals in seven games. They earned a Wild Card playoff spot the following year, but they lost the Wild Card game to the Orioles. They have failed to make it back to the postseason the last three years, and there will be fears that it may be another long wait before they get a shot at claiming their first World Series. A very long time.