Top 10 Players in Michigan State Spartans Basketball History


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10. Morris Peterson

A high-energy, high-flying ultra-athletic wing player, Morris Peterson served as the primary scoring option for the lovable “Flintstones” core of high-school teammates (along with Charlie Bell and Mateen Cleaves) on the 2000 national championship team. Peterson’s 1,588 career points are the 12th-best figure in school history, and he shot .377 from three-point range in the process. Although Peterson has frequently impressed with his dunking ability in the NBA, he’s rarely done enough else to be consistently effective. His best years – including career highs of 16.8 points per game and .395 long-range shooting – came for the Raptors, but unfortunately he didn’t quite live up to his big time expectations from his enormously successful collegiate career as a Spartan. But his pro success, of course, is irrelevant for this list – Morris Peterson just barely cracks the top 10 of great Michigan State basketball stars.