Top 10 Players in Ohio State Buckeyes Basketball History


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10. Greg Oden

Greg Oden, vastly considered one of the biggest NBA busts of all-time due to rampant knee issues, was one of the most highly dominant and memorable college basketball players in the 21st century. Oden was a force in the paint, averaging 3.3 blocks per game, and by some was even considered to be the next Shaq and at the time – it was somewhat justified. Steve Kerr even once called him a “once in a decade player” so you can see why he had so much hype going into the Association. Oden, alongside his Point Guard (and current Memphis Grizzlies star PG) Michael Conley, led the Ohio State Buckeyes to a national title appearance, only to fall to the Florida Gators (In a game where he had 25 points, 12 rebounds, and 4 blocks). Oden, despite being a one-and-done player, was one of the best collegiate centers to ever play and a top 10 Ohio State baller in school history.