Top 10 Worst Teams To Ever Make the NBA Finals


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10. Indiana Pacers


Starting Lineup

PG: Mark Jackson

SG: Reggie Miller

SF: Jalen Rose

PF: Austin Croshere

C: Dale Davis

This Pacers squad was a top heavy roster that included the likes of Reggie Miller and Jalen Rose, but Miller was out of his prime at age 34 and it was clear he wasn’t the same guy we all grew to love (not that he was bad or anything, but I think you get my point). Other quality players on the team were Rik Smiths, Mark Jackson and Chris Mullin, but all were in their mid 30’s as well, providing only marginal assistance against a Lakers team poised for several title wins that featured young phenoms Kobe Bryant and Shaq on the squad. Had everyone on Indiana’s roster been in their prime, they would have been a force to be reckoned with – there is absolutely no doubt about that. Instead, it was an over-the-hill, out of their prime group that had no chance against the younger, more dynamic Lakers. The above starting lineup looks rather good on paper, but they were mainly too old. Simple as that.