Top 15 Biggest Locker Room Cancers in NBA History


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Here, you have an unfortunate collection of toxic personalities that have divided locker rooms, teams, and had their coaches fired. These guys are the polarizing and demonizing players who have single-handily destroyed franchises and force an entire city and fan base to absolutely despise them. They may be great on the court, but their off the court (and sometimes on the court) antics are simply unacceptable. Luckily, some of these guys turned their bad habits around – although many others – not so much.

Dishonorable Mentions

25. O.J. Mayo

24. DeMarcus Cousins

23. Vin Baker

22. J.R. Smith

21. Isaiah Rider

20. Carmelo Anthony

19. Rod Strickland

18. Shawn Kemp

17. Allen Iverson

16. Rasheed Wallace