Top 15 Greatest Athletes Born in California of All-Time


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What comes to mind when you think of California? The answer for me and most is beaches, Hollywood and sports. With a great history of teams, from the Lakers to the 49ers to USC and more, California is a land of athletes. But which greats were actually born in California?

Whether you are talking about football, baseball, tennis or nearly any other sport, California has been the birthplace of some legendary athletes. And with much difficulty in cutting down what could be a humongous list, here are the best California-born athletes in the history of modern sports.

Honorable Mentions:

25. Dennis Johnson

24. Paul Pierce

23. Warren Moon

22. Reggie Miller

21. Marcus Allen

20. Landon Donovan

19. Phil Mickelson

18. Ray Allen

17. Trevor Hoffman

16. Tony Gonzalez