Top 15 Greatest Sports Trios of All-Time



The NBA has seen an epidemic of the coveted “Big Three” over the past decade that has pretty much taken over professional basketball. But of course, sports trios are nothing new as we have – as sports fans – been treated to hundreds of great threesomes in all of sports over the past 100 years and more. Here, we take a look at the greatest “Big Threes” in sports history. Lots of fun names and groups on this list – enjoy!

Honorable Mentions:

25. Willie Mays – Orlando Cepeda – Willie McCovey

24. Isiah Thomas – Joe Dumars – Bill Laimbeer

23. Lionel Messi – Xavi – Andres Iniesta

22. John Elway – Terrell Davis – Rod Smith

21. Wilt Chamberlain – Jerry West – Elgin Baylor

20. Terry Bradshaw – Franco Harris – John Stallworth

19. John Stockton  Karl Malone – Jeff Hornacek

18. Kurt Warner – Marshall Faulk – Torry Holt

17. LeBron James – Dwyane Wade – Chris Bosh

16. Peyton Manning – Edgerrin James – Marvin Harrison