Top 18 Coolest and Most Unique Sports Jerseys You Need To Own


Everybody has that #23 Michael Jordan jersey or that Kobe Bryant #24 jersey but c’mon people, it’s time to be original. You don’t wanna walk around sporting the same jersey as everyone else. What’s the fun in that? In an effort to still represent your favorite player but in a much different and interesting way, here are the top 18 coolest and most unique jersey’s you need to own… at least I want to own. I think you will too.

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18. Phil Jackson

New York Knicks

Kind of an interesting way to start off this list. I have never seen anyone wearing this one, but now I genuinely have the desire to find a Phil Jackson jersey and cop one myself. Wearing the jersey of the greatest coach of all-time is just fucking hilarious.

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17. Vince Carter

Team USA

What better way to honor and remember the single greatest dunk of all-time by arguably the great dunker to ever live? If you aren’t familiar with this dunk, you probably hate the sport of basketball. It’s the only explanation.