Top 25 Greatest Duos in American Sports History


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So many teams every year struggle to find just one star who can make them relevant. Sometimes, teams are lucky to even get a superstar on their team to lead them to a victorious season. But what about when you have two superstars? Well, it’s extremely rare – so I thought I’d take a look at the very best duos of American sports history. One thing I found: American sports have been fucking great. Enjoy.

Honorable Mentions

35. Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook

34. Isiah Thomas & Joe Dumars

33. Bobby Hull & Stan Mikita

32. Jim Kelly & Andre Reed

31. Peyton Manning & Reggie Wayne

30. Oscar Robertson & K. Abdul-Jabbar

29. Omar Vizquel & Roberto Alomar Jr.

28. Curt Schilling & Randy Johnson

27. Dan Marino & Mark Clayton

26. Larry Bird & Kevin McHale