Top 3 NBA Players From Every Draft Class Since 1995



6. Damon Stoudamire

5. Antonio McDyess

4. Michael Finley

3. Jerry Stackhouse

Original Draft Pick: 3rd overall

 Just like Michael Finley, but to an even higher degree, Jerry Stackhouse straight up knew how to put the ball into the basketball. Because of injuries, Stack was never able to have consistent stints season by season, but when he was indeed healthy, he surely filled the box score with the best of them, at least on the offensive end of the court. He averaged 20+ points per game 5 times in a career which earned him two All-Star appearances. But no season can compare to his 2000-2001 campaign in Detroit, where he averaged a ridiculous 29.8 PPG. Think about that, almost 30 points per contest in 80 games!! Jerry Stackhouse comes in at third best in a draft he was picked third… I guess that works out pretty well.

2. Rasheed Wallace

Original Draft Pick: 4th overall

Although Rasheed Wallace was one hell of a player in his long tenured career, most notably with Portland and Detroit, he will undoubtedly be remembered for his on the court antics, which is somewhat of a shame. I mean, he holds the NBA record for most technical fouls for a reason. It’s his confrontation with referees and his reasoning that he has never committed a personal foul in his entire NBA career that annoyed NBA fans everywhere, even fans of his own team. He would whine after every damn call and it just got old after a while. With that said, he still averaged 15/7 over the course of his career, is one of the greatest big man three point shooters in NBA history and was a huge reason the Pistons were able to win the 2004 NBA Finals. He might have a sketchy legacy, but he was still one hell of a ball player and comes in at two on this list.

1. Kevin Garnett

Original Draft Pick: 5th overall

Easily the best player in the 95′ class, The Big Ticket has put himself in the discussion for greatest power forward of all-time ever since being selected straight out of high school in 1995. Kevin Garnett has made an incredible 15 All-Star appearances in his historic career and during his stint in Minnesota, he had a five year peak where he averaged roughly 23 PPG and 13 RPG on 50+% shooting. Holy hell, it’s no wonder he won the MVP in 2004. His time in Boston is when KG verified his true greatness as he led the legendary Boston Celtics franchise to an NBA championship in 2008 as the defensive anchor and vocal leader of the team. He is truly one of the fiercest competitors the NBA has ever seen, and will leave behind a legacy that will never be forgotten. The NBA just won’t be the same without Kevin Garnett. No matter how fucking crazy he might be.