Top 30 Greatest Left-Handed Players in NBA History



30. Derek Fisher

The point guard on each of the Lakers’ five championship teams in the 2000s, Derek Fisher came through when it mattered most and that is why he makes this list. His best moment came when he hit a shot with 0.4 seconds to go against San Antonio in 2004, collectively stunning the entire NBA world. He was the ultimate role man on some of the best teams of the decade and though he didn’t put up very impressive stats, he always did what he was asked to do and was a great locker room guy. Pus he had guys like Shaq, Kobe, and Pau Gasol to worry about putting up those big numbers. 

29. Josh Smith

When Josh Smith departed from Atlanta after nine years, it was a sad day for Hawks fans and NBA fans everywhere because he would never be the same J-Smoove we all loved. He often generated many SC Top 10 highlights with the Hawks, most of which consisted of left-handed dunks and rim-protecting blocks. His 15.3 PPG, 8.0 RPG and 3.2 APG with Atlanta made him a valuable asset on a team that made the playoffs year after year. He was never a great shooter with Atlanta, but he wasn’t stupid enough to chuck up 75 percent of his shots behind 18 feet, like he did later in his career. I mean, there was a reason the Pistons paid this dude so much money as he was one of the most versatile stretch forwards in the league – but I get it Detroit – he was fucking awful with you guys.