Top 40 Greatest College Football Players of the BCS Era



When talking about the best players of the BCS era, it’s a little difficult to judge because some only played their last season or two in it as it began in 1998. So let me make this easy. If you played one season in the BCS era, your entire collegiate career is considered. Simple as that. Enjoy.

Honorable Mentions

50. Cam Newton, Florida/Auburn (2008, 2010)

49. Dwight Freeney, Syracuse (1998-2001)

48. Colt McCoy, Texas (2006-2009)

47. Chris Weinke, Florida State (1997-2000)

46. Paul Posluszny, Penn State (2003-2006)

45. Darren Sproles, Kansas State (2001-2004)

44. Corey Moore, Virginia Tech (1997-1999)

43. Derrick Johnson, Texas (2002-2004)

42. Drew Brees, Purdue (1997-2000)

41. John Henderson, Tennessee (1998-2001)