Top 5 Greatest Players to Wear #34 in NBA History


*Player must have worn #34 at least 4 seasons to qualify*

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5. Ray Allen

The all-time leader in three-pointers wasn’t always just a shooter. Coming out of UConn, the fifth overall pick did it all. He handled the ball, drove, played defense, and people forget that he was in the ’97 dunk contest – did you forget too? Allen was also the leader on some good Bucks teams in the late ’90s and early 2000s where he averaged 19.6 PPG in 7 seasons up North. After dealing with a mediocre Sonics team for several years putting up almost 25 PPG, he was traded to Boston to join KG and Paul Pierce, and they immediately became contenders. He was huge reason Boston was able to raise their 17th banner and basically saved LeBron James legacy in 2013 when he hit the most iconic three pointer in NBA history. Jesus Shuttlesworth is a lock for the Hall of Fame, and there is no wonder why. One of the most iconic shooters to ever pick up a basketball is the fifth greatest #34 in NBA history. Not too shabby.