Top 5 Running Backs in Arizona Cardinals Franchise History


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5. Edgerrin James

Well, there haven’t exactly been very many good running backs in Arizona over the past decade and a half, so somewhat by default – Edge James has to be considered the best RB of this century for this franchise. Clearly, Edgerrin James had his best years in Indianapolis where he established himself as one of the great running backs of his time. So he had pretty lofty expectations in Arizona where he spent three seasons.

In those 3 years in Cardinal red and white, Edge rushed for 2,895 yards on 794 attempts (3.6 YPC) and made 16 touchdowns as well. In the passing game, James caught 74 passes for 506 receiving yards, though he wasn’t able to catch a pass for a touchdown during his time in Arizona. Overall, these numbers aren’t great but the Cardinals haven’t had the absolute greatest running backs over the course of their franchise so you gotta give Edge the nod here.