Top 5 Running Backs in Cleveland Browns Franchise History


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5. Kevin Mack

At 6’0″, 225 pounds, Kevin Mack was a bulldog and a real load, which made him perfect for Cleveland’s blue-collar football mentality. Coming out of Clemson University, Mack opted to sign with the USFL’s Los Angeles Express in 1984. Later that year, he joined the Browns via the supplemental draft, and he would remain a fixture with the team for nine seasons. During that time Mack would compile 5,123 yards at a 4.0 per-carry clip, with 46 touchdowns.

He scored eight more touchdowns on pass receptions; he had 197 of those for another 1,602 yards, more than respectable numbers for a fullback. Mack teamed with Earnest Byner in the mid-1980s, forming a powerful backfield that propelled the Browns to the AFC Championship Game three out of four years late in the decade. He earned two Pro Bowl trips along the way. Good enough to take the fifth and final spot on this list of Browns running back greats.