Top 5 Running Backs in Denver Broncos Franchise History


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5. Clinton Portis

Remember the old story about the player who had a few great seasons and then wanted to be paid like a Hall of Famer? The sad thing is that it wasn’t the first time that it happened for the Broncos, but Clinton Portis is the one who has suffered most for it. He averaged over 100 yards per game and 5.5 yards per carry as a Bronco. Portis had a good run, but in the grand scheme of things were happy to part with him in order to get Champ Bailey. However, that offensive line had a lot of good years left in it and one can’t help but wonder what life would be like if Portis were still a Bronco. Overall in his 2 seasons with Denver, Portis ran for 3,099 yards and 29 touchdowns. In two fucking seasons. Unbelievable.