Top 5 Running Backs in Detroit Lions Franchise History


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5. Dexter Bussey

Dexter Bussey sits third on the Detroit Lions all-time rushing list, just one yard behind Billy Sims, and retired as No. 1 on the list back in his day. However, he could not only run, but catch as well. In addition to his 18 rushing touchdowns and 5,105 yards, Bussey also found pay dirt five times through the air, catching 193 passes for 1,616 yards. Often overlooked, Bussey never earned a Pro Bowl, but had seasons of 858 and 924 rushing yards. His best overall season came in 1980 when he ran for 720 yards on just 145 carries, with three touchdowns. He also caught 39 passes for 364 yards, both career highs. Not too shabby, Dexter Bussey is the fifth best running back in Detroit Lions history.