Top 5 Wide Receivers in Carolina Panthers Franchise History


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5. Rocket Ismail

Raghib Ismail, a.k.a. “Rocket,” starts the list at number five because of his speed on the football field. Ismail was acquired by the Panthers for a fifth-round pick to the Raiders in 1996. As a Panther, Ismail recorded 117 receptions for 1,657 yards, for an averages of 14.2 yards after catch (YAC), and 10 touchdowns. But receiving wasn’t the only job assigned Ismail. He was also utilized the skills of a running back. As a Panther, Ismail carried the ball 15 times for 154 yards; an average of 10.7 yards per carry, and a touchdown. He also had seven 100+ yard games, and out of the 42 games he played in, Ismail was the starting receiver 22 times.