Top 5 Wide Receivers in New Orleans Saints Franchise History


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5. Lance Moore

There are truly only 3 players that most people feel should be discussed in an elite sense when it comes to Saints receivers over the years; however, when looking at team-specific rankings, service time does matter, and Lance Moore played in New Orleans for many seasons. During his time, he racked up 4,281 yards, good for 7th all-time, and 38 touchdowns, good for 5th all-time. He was also a key player for the Super Bowl winning Saints team, gaining 763 yards and 8 TDs that year.

Moore and Devery Henderson and two players who racked up a lot of stats for the Saints during their playing time, and Henderson probably would have slotted right behind Moore, but Moore had more of an affinity for TDs than Henderson did. Of course, people will point to his success as a result of Drew Brees, but at the end of the day you can’t discount his stats and long-time service to the Saints.