Top 5 Wide Receivers in New York Giants Franchise History


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5. Plaxico Burress

While the embarrassing nature of his departure was an easy headline grab, and thus perennially etched to memory, it is easy to forget just how big a factor Plaxico Burress was in his four years for the Giants on the field. After five seasons in Pittsburgh, Plax came to the Giants in 2005 as Eli Manning entered his first full season as the team’s starting quarterback. A master at utilizing his size to create space, Burress quickly became the favorite target of Manning, leading the team with 76 grabs for 1,214 yards. The following two seasons Burress scored a combined 22 times in the regular season, and then one more unforgettable time in the postseason, catching the game winning touchdown in the Giants upset victory of the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.