Top 5 Wide Receivers in New York Jets Franchise History


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5. Keyshawn Johnson

The first pick in the 1996 NFL Draft, Keyshawn Johnson was quite the enigmatic figure for the Jets. Not only did he have the stats at over 300 catches and north of 4,000 yards receiving with the Jets but the larger than life character. He also spawned a new era of relevance under the era of Bill Parcells in the late 90’s. He helped the Jets reach the AFC Championship game. Though the Jets ended up trading the star receiver, they received draft ammunition to welcome the next era of Jets football.

It turned into two first Round picks for the Jets on top of their original and the Bill Belichick ordeal in which they received another. An unprecedented four 1st Round draft choices that turned into Chad Pennington, John Abraham, Anthony Becht, and Shaun Ellis. Though his career with the Jets was short, his impact was far-reaching and quite impactful on the future of the Jets in the 2000’s and beyond.