Top 5 Wide Receivers in Titans/Oilers Franchise History


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5. Derrick Mason

Derrick Mason spent a good amount of productive seasons as a Baltimore Raven, but most of his prime playing career was spent with Tennessee. I know the Titans haven’t had the greatest talent of receivers over the course of their franchise history, but Derrick Mason is undoubtedly the most talented wide receiver that ever played for the team and that title cannot be taken lightly. In his time with the team, Mason had 453 receptions, over 6,000 receiving yards and 39 touchdowns. He also made a couple of Pro Bowls cementing his legacy for the TitansOver the course of his entire career, he increased his numbers to 943 receptions for over 12,000 yards and 68 touchdowns. Not too shabby, Derrick Mason cracks the fifth and final spot here for this franchise.