Top 7 Athletes Who Beat Cancer During Their Careers


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7. Josh Bidwell

Just four months after he was selected by the Green Bay Packers in the 1999 NFL Draft, punter Josh Bidwell was tragically diagnosed with testicular cancer. Doctors informed Bidwell the cancer had spread to other parts of his body and he was required to undergo emergency surgery. In an interview with ESPN, Bidwell said “in the course of a few days, I went from the starting nod to being told I had cancer and would be fighting for my life.” 

Bidwell was treated by the same oncologist who operated on Lance Armstrong. Intense sessions of chemotherapy caused Bidwell to lose over 5o pounds. But he fought hard to recover, and would ultimately reclaim his starting position the following season. Bidwell’s NFL career lasted 11 seasons and in 2005, he even earned a Pro-Bowl bid. So yeah, I’d say this is one strong ass mother fucker.