Top 7 Worst Teams to Ever Win a Super Bowl


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Not all Super Bowl winning teams are necessarily great teams. They were good enough that year to win based on circumstance and luck, but over the years and upon closer inspection, we come to appreciate which teams got by with smoke and mirrors and which ones were for real.

We are going to identify the 7 worst Super Bowl winning teams in history. Being named to this list could be the result of a weaker regular season or coming up with an inferior performance in the Super Bowl (likely both). The team played well enough to win, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they were a great team in the slightest. Enjoy!

Just Missed the Cut:

15. 2002 Tampa Bay Bucs

14. 1974 Pittsburgh Steelers

13. 1969 Kansas City Chiefs

12. 2010 Green Bay Packers

11. 1988 San Francisco 49ers

10. 2000 Baltimore Ravens

9. 2007 New York Giants

8. 1990 New York Giants