Top 75 Greatest Sports Athletes of the 21st Century


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My favorite list to make so far to date, the greatest athletes of this century wasn’t an easy one to put together. Some of these picks may surprise you, some of these picks may bother you, but I think the majority of these picks will have you in agreement. And you know what – the one thing you can’t argue here is the collective greatness of these athletes donning this list. We sports fans have been quite blessed over the past decade and a half. Without any further ado – enjoy!

Honorable Mentions:

100. Tony Parker

99. Tony Stewart

98. Johan Santana

97. Troy Polamalu

96. Phillip Rivers

95. Travis Pastrana

94. Pau Gasol

93. David Beckham

92. Ray Allen

91. Carlos Beltran

90. Diana Taurasi

89. Joe Mauer

88. Brian Dawkins

87. Lindsey Vonn

86. Randy Couture

85. Scott Niedermayer

84. Randy Johnson

83. Chipper Jones

82. Michael Strahan

81. Pedro Martinez

80. Maria Sharapova

79. Vince Carter

78. Charles Woodson

77. Fedor Emelianenko

76. Vladimir Guerrero