Top 25 Greatest NBA Second Round Draft Picks of All-Time


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Usually when someone is drafted in the second round, it’s the first time the NBA world is hearing their names (and sometimes the last). There’s a much higher percentage to become a player that records DNP’s on a nightly basis than someone who becomes a role player, solid contributor, or even a star in the second round.

Being a second-round pick is not a death sentence, however, because for every number 1 overall pick spent on a Kwame Brown or Greg Oden, there is a second-round pick spent on a (insert any one on this list here). Here we have 25 players who turned their second round draft status into a career to be remembered. Enjoy.

Honorable Mentions:

35. Kyle Korver

34. Draymond Green

33. Richie Guerin

32. Nick Van Exel

31. Paul Silas

30. Harry Gallatin

29. Paul Millsap

28. Eddie Johnson

27. Dick Van Arsdale

26. Danny Ainge